Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Comes LOVE, Then Comes MARRIAGE, Then Comes A BABY!!!

So It's been a while since I have been on here (obviously!) as many as you already know, WE'RE EXPECTING!!!

Two pink lines= BABY!!!:)
We are over the moon excited!! It has been a bumpy road, but we are right where we want to be!!
We found out on July 31st, even though we were too afraid to test because we were afraid I'd test too early and go through what we went through with our last pregnancy. But after talking to some friends we went home and tested and within a minute I saw TWO PINK LINES. We took another to be sure. Another positive!! Thank you God, you answered our prayers!!! Now the tricky part, making sure I do everthing I possibly can to make this baby feel welcome and want to say in my belly!! Made my first appointment, had to wait a few weeks, went in not sure what to expect because I was around 6 weeks along but I was so anxious to see my baby!! Went to the doctor, who was veryyyy surprised the Clomid worked on the first try, scheduled an ultrasound for the next day, and got a WHOLE BUNCH of "congratulations!!" Lol So our appointment was at 11AM the next morning and I was informed I needed to drink 32 oz. of water before coming in for my appointment and I could not relieve my bladder.....Uhhhhh, seriously?!?!? You know I have to pee all the time, right?!?! lol That wasn't very fun to say the least! So we go back to the room for our ultrasound and the girl finds my sac...my very empty sac...she was just as shocked as I was and was not trained very well on how to answer questions to patients who do not see babies in their sac!! Needless to say I was thinking the worst, I was having way more pregnancy symptoms this time so I really didn't think anything was wrong but something about that ladie's reaction and my empty sac really made me worry. So I called my doctor the next day and asked if he had seen my results yet and if I should be worried or is this normal for being so early in the pregnancy....he calls back and says it looks like i'm going through a miscarriage. I was absolutely devistated!! All I could think of is Why Me?? Why does this keep happening?? What am I doing wrong? So Jimmy calls the doctor back and talks to him and has a more in-depth conversation with him and the Doc determines it might not be a miscarriage after all considering all I've been going through (this is when the morning sickness started...which is a good sign for developing pregnancies apparently, he says it decreases the chance of miscarriage) so why would he tell me one thing and tell Jimmy the COMPLETE OPPOSITE?! I could not understand it, I still couldn't believe that everything was okay, I was still really scared. So Jimmy calmed me down and we said we're not going to worry until we have something to worry about and we let God take it from there and had another ultrasound scheduled for the following week. Another day of having to drink 32 oz. of water and now my morning sickness is in full effect, so that water wasn't going down fast but it sure wanted to come up fast....so we go in to our appointment...

And there is our baby. Our sweet baby. I cried so hard when I heard that muffled heartbeat and the little fluttering of the hear beating on the screen. My baby is okay. I will never forget that moment. That is when I knew everything was going to be okay and I was going to be a Momma.
So from there on the nausea came all day every day, the bloating continued, the dreams started getting REALLY weird or scary, the stomach problems, the HUGE boobs developed, the mood swings started....everything they say CAN happen in a pregnancy, happened in the second month of mine, all around the same time. Talk about going through A LOT!! lol My poor husband! ....my poor body!!! lol So weeks have passed and some symptoms have come and gone and I've started getting new ones (such as growing pains...which basically means my belly is getting ready to grow as this baby continues to grow) And I am now eating better and starting to show:)
I had to get rehydrated 2 weeks ago after having a few near-fainting spells, turns out I was really dehydrated and had lost 7 lbs., since then I have not had much of a problem with morning sickness, I'm in the bathroom every 20 minutes though it seems (this kid is right on my bladder right now!! No fun!) and I'm getting my appetite back! While in the doctor's office hooked up to an IV I mentioned to the nurse that it was the first time Jimmy's mom had been to an appointment and they said "Well then we'll show you your grandbaby!" and after the IV drained they took me into another room and put the jelly on my belly...

 And look who we found!! A bigger baby!! A 10 week old baby Cotter! It was really exciting:)
So now I am 12 weeks along and pretty much out of the woods and starting to look forward to holding my sweet baby here shortly. I have an appointment this Thursday to listen to the baby's heartbeat, there's a trick that says if it beats under 140 bpm it is going to be a BOY and if it is higher that 150 bpm it will be a GIRL. I'm anxious to play this game LOL. I think it is a GIRL and my hubby really thought it was a BOY, until this week. So we will see. We really don't care either way as long as this baby is healthy but I have been having baby dreams about a little girl and all I can think of is girls with this pregnancy. My last pregnancy, as short as it was, from the very first second I knew it was a boy. This time, I really wanted my little boy back, but I could not feel anything towards this pregnancy, no dreams, no visions, just hopes. I did not think about having a girl, I really preferred not to have a daughter first. But one day I thought, okay this could be a girl so I better start getting used to the idea and better start training Jimmy to be able to handle a little girl (LOL!). And since that day, I've had a few baby dreams of little girls. Sure, they are weird dreams, but no matter how weird, there is always a little girl in there somehow. So I believe that is why I couldn't feel anything toward this pregnancy at first, all I could think of was a boy, and the whole time I was skipping over my little girl! Now let's all pray that she is not a little mini-me, I am so afraid of her having an attitude and fighting me over everything like I used to do when I was little!!!! Lol! But oh well, I don't care. I am one happy Momma right now:) and I have a great little family. Jimmy is going to be such a great daddy, he talks to my belly sometimes or rubs it just to say Hi Baby! I can't wait to see how much our lives will change after this child is born! I am truly blessed, I can't be any happier at this moment.

Okay well that is all the updates I have for now.
 Here is a recent picture of my baby bump....
Mom, maternity pics soon?? It's about time to start showing off!! Lol