Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, baby baby!!

I'm so sorry to neglect my blog but I have done it for good reason. My sweet (not so) baby boy has required and definitely earned so much of my attention these past 6 months. He has grown sooooo much and is so eager to learn new things that I can't take my eyes off of him in fear that I might miss something. Did you know kids are so smart at this age?? I sure didn't! Or maybe I just have a brainiac for a son!!;) hehehe. Mason is about to turn a year old on the 19th and I find myself wondering where the time has gone?! Hoping I did a good job to get him to the next chapter of his precious little life. Words cannot explain the love I have for this little guy! He is so smart and soo funny and (for the most part!) so much fun to be around! He definitely has his family wrapped around his chubby little finger! So a little update for those of you who don't follow my every-day Facebook posts,

Mason has his 4 front teeth (and possibly cutting some molars)

he has been walking for about a month

he can say momma, dada, papa, woof, moo, hi, bye, ya, baby, nums (food), baba, uh-oh, oooh (like oooh, I'm telling! Lol)

He knows and loves his dogs

He points at everything!!

He LOVES pictures!! Especially ones when he can point out who's in them!

He is starting to want to be with his Daddy more, but he is definitely a momma's boy!

He loves bath time!

His favorite foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, eggs, pancakes, rice, macaroni, and peanut butter crackers. My good little eater!;)

So far the only food he's tried that he does not like is peas. And his Daddy can relate! Lol

Just this week he has learned to drink out of a straw and get the baby food out of those little on-the-go pouches! He does it like a champ, like he's known all along and I never have him the opportunity! Lol bad mommy!

We took him to the Monterey bay aquarium a few weeks ago and he loves the penguins, jellyfish, and the turtles!

He is a boy of mass destruction!!! I clean up one room and he'll be making a mess in another. I suppose that's all babies, but it sure makes it hard to keep a clean house these days! Lol

He has learned to climb up the stairs! Take a breath.... I know, it's frightening to think about it. Trust me it was frightening to find him half way up the stairs without me knowing it! Needless to say we triple check the locks on the baby gates now and sometimes we let him practice going up the stairs with us. But going down will have to be taught later when he understands a little better and has longer legs! Lol

He loves his velcro shoes!

He has learned how to pretend to be on the phone...he uses anything as a telephone lol shoes, lids, his hand, toys..

Anything having to do with driving he is ALL. OVER. IT!! I think he will take after his daddy and be a driver of some sort. Hopefully not NASCAR!;)

He can give hugs and kisses!<3

I think that pretty much sums it up on what he's been up to!

So his birthday is on the 19th and we're throwing his party on the 24th, it's going to be construction theme. I'm so excited!! This will also be an opportunity for everyone to see the new house. The new house will have to be a new blog entry because there is so much to say and show you!!

That is all for now, it's almost dinner time and I need to go downstairs and figure out what we're gonna make! This Momma's job is never done! Thanks for stopping by!! Xoxo