Monday, November 22, 2010

it's me again!

Today is day 5 of my post surgery healing process...and let me tell you, day 5 has been quite a breeze! Not in as much pain and not as swollen as I have been, changed my band-aids today and my incisions are looking better already. Jimmy says I'm on the downhill now, but I have to admit, I've liked having him wait on me and do things for me, it's good practice for our upcoming marriage and future family life. Who knew that we'd hit all the bases in one?! hehe. So I'm not quite ready to get back into my wifey role yet, he needs to appreciate me and the things I do around here just a liiiiiittle bit more as far as I'm concerned ;)

My grandma went home today, and man do i already miss her! She's been a big help around her too!! Her and Jimmy make a great team, between dishes, laundry, food preparations, Kendra-watch, dog sitting and all the other things that go on around here, they have kicked butt!! I'm so proud!

So, as I said yesterday I am attempting to use a walker to get around, yesterday was very hard! Today...well today has been a little easier, even though I hit myself in the leg with the walker earlier (OWWWWW!!!) I joked with Jimmy about bedazzling it to try to make it look a little cool! But he just laughed. Yeah, i agree honey, i don't think that is going to help. Boo!

So because I cannot really get up and around right now, I spend most of my time in bed. Either watching movies, realityTV, reading magazines or goofing around on the computer. Looking at blogs today I became inspired to nest(again!), we have 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 family room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, and 2 bathrooms in this there is lotttssssss of space to organize, clean, decorate, paint, name it!! We have lived here since August of this year and when we moved in I was working like a maniac so I didn't have any time to really decorate and in the last month or two I have had this urge to nest(definition: make a house a home--basically.) So I have taken a project here and there to help with this urge; painted the master bedroom, organized family room/office, organized 3rd bedroom, decorated 2nd bedroom, organized wedding stuff I have cluttering up in the 2nd bedroom, updating the bathrooms, hanging pictures and decorating the fireplace in the living room...and I'm sure lots of other little things here and there as well! So it's coming along, little by little, but this week I have the spare bedrooms on the brain. Our spare bedrooms right now are kinda crazy, one is basically like a storage room with a couch in it and the other is more of a spare bedroom with an extra queen bed and TV in there and lots of wedding stuff! The storage room was the bedroom of two little boys who lived here before us so it's a little scuffed up and has red paint on the bottom half of the walls. And the spare bedroom was the bedroom of a baby girl so it is light pink and green and has cherry blossom trees painted on the walls... cute right?! So instantly you think, you need a baby girl to go in that room, right? I know! Trust me.

So now that I've explained what the rooms look like, I'm hoping that you're following me as I continue trying to describe what I want to do to these rooms....

The "pink room" or the "girl room" is pretty much done, it just needs furniture. We have a queen bed, antique bedside table, a lamp, and a small t.v. in there. But that room just screeeams "baby!" So call me crazy, but I want to start getting it ready for the future..which (i hope) will be a baby. And when I say future, I mean near future, I mean not that near, but shortly after the wedding. Who's exciiiiiited???! OK, let's not get too excited, still have a while before any babies are here. But I want to start getting prepared now, start decorating, start buying furniture and fixing it up and making it ours. Like I said, the pink room is done, but the "red room" or the "boy's room" needs some help. It needs paint, a color scheme, we have lots of room decor (jimmy's tractor toys and little boy stuff)-- you guessed it, the room's scheme is JOHN DEERE/FARMER...hehe, perfect right?! So I want to start painting and coming up with it crazy to start preparing for babies when they're not here yet?? They're definitely on the way and on the brain, but it might be a year before he/she is here. I just get bored and have a million ideas running through my head... so I've been just browsing online for DIY ideas to do here and there without going BABY OVERBOARD, maybe just a little paint or wall art for now. Yes?? Ideas to add to the theme of the boys room?

Well, I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving!! I cannot wait to see my family..and eat lots of foooood!! And stay out of bed for longer than 20 minutes. But booooo on not being able to go Black Friday shopping!! :(

Goodnight everyone

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