Monday, July 11, 2011

Another day, another year older....

Well, today I turned 23. Nothing exciting about turning 23, especially when you have a nonchalant attitude towards the whole thing, I think this is the beginning of not anticipating my next birthday, not planning a big party or girl's night out for my birthday. Is that normal? Is it just part of growing up? Or having more important things to worry about in your every day life? I feel like this week is already over for me LOL, I'm so busy with getting my house cleaned (yes, it's like my weekly ritual now to deep clean my house, don't ask!), go to the DMV to apply for my new driver's license, pick up my sister's from the airport on Friday, get everything ready to go camping this weekend, and lots of little things in my birthday just seems to have dropped off my list of things to worry about right now. Booo!

As for my baby-makin' update, today I took my last fertility pill!!! Yahoooooo! That's a nice feeling. It all went really smoothly, minus the hot flashes and KiiiiiiLLLER mood swings!! I took the Provera for 4 days (I was supposed to take it for 10) and got my period, so that part was quick and easy. Then, on day 3 of my period I started the Clomid (the crazy maker pill!! lol) and finished it today. So on Thursday I will start using ovulation prediction tests and by next Wednesday there should be a little Cotter in the works! Seems easy enough, right?! It sure hasn't seemed like it! It shouldn't be this difficult! But I will appreciate my munchkin SO much more!:) Have you realized that my "ovulation time" is during my vacation, while my sisters are here?! Hahaha. Yeah, awkward! I don't know how to feel about this whole process though. Maybe you can help me decipher what I'm going through. Okay, so before I started taking these medications I was really excited to get pregnant again and kept trying to make it happen on my own. Now that I've gone through what I went through and have realized that this is not an easy process, I am beginning to realize that I am not as optimistic anymore. Not that I don't want this, because trust me, I DO! But I feel like if I get too excited and start stressing over making it happen, it won't happen. So I've noticed I have a nonchalant attitude. Which is good, because I'm not stressing, but at the same time I wonder if my attitude can also affect my body's attitude towards the situation and I won't get pregnant?! Am I just over analyzing this? I feel like I'm almost setting myself up to fail, but that's not how I feel at all. What's up with that?!

Anyways, the doctor makes it seem that this pill will work for me, because I obviously can get pregnant, but I do not have a period, therefor I do not ovulate regularly which is hard when trying to get pregnant, so he thinks this is the push I need. I hope he is right. Also, my best friend started her period on the same day as me, so she will most likely ovulate on the same day as me, which means if all goes well, we will have our babies on the same day!!! That is so crazy, huh?! lol So I hope you're still praying for us, so far so good! But we can use all the help and advice we can get! I appreciate all my regular readers out there that give advice and support. Thank you all so much. I'll update more in a week or two and let you know how things are going!!:)


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