Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feelin' a little sappy right now.. might be from the vicodin or something!! lol But I've noticed a change in my fiance lately and I think it's coming from the fact that are wedding is in exactly 3 months, I think he's beginning to get excited and it seems like he expressing himself a little more(which i like!). We picked out our wedding invitations last week, he really likes them! Go, Kendra! lol. I think it's starting to feel more real to him, he's starting to be a little more involved in the planning and giving me his input and FINALLY working on his side of the guest list. Which is a huge stress for me right now!! I have a big family and we are at our maximum right now of number of guests to invite and there are so many people i still want to invite. Any other bride's having this problem? It's so frustrating! But other than that, everything is going so smoothly. I cannot wait to be Mr. and Mrs. Cotter! Kendra Cotter, has a cute little ring to it, don't it?! :) I'm ready to start a new life with Jimmy and our 3 dogs, it's funny how something as simple as a marriage license and a name change(in my case) can totally change a couple's life. It'll be like when we first started dating all over again. Except I have a baller ring now! HAHA.

Anyways, so like I said I have noticed a change in Jimmy, we have been spending a lot of time with his friends lately who have kids (and newborns!! (: ) and of course it's no secret that I really want a baby, but I'm noticing that he keeps talking about babies and that he's ready now too. Go figure! So one of our friend's said that if you hold a baby, you'll have one! I'm sure that's not entirely true but let's just say that baby Chase has been held A LOT!!! He's the sweetest boy and I just love to watch him sleep, he smiles a lot in his sleep which is so precious! I said I wanted a boy and was so set on having one, but I have now come to the realization that I would like a healthy baby, boy or girl. But I have decided that I'm just going to let it happen when it's meant to and not force it, so here's to playing the waiting game. God, please don't make me wait long! hehe.

So as I sit here on the couch in front of the fire tonight with my man and my little dog Sammy, I am realizing how blessed I am, I have such an amazing family, great friends, 2 jobs that are waiting for me to come back from disability LOL, and an upcoming wedding. Life is so great! Hope i didn't make anyone throw up, but I just wanted to take a minute to take a second to appreciate life and tell my hubby-to-be how much i love him! Now if only my knee would stop giving me so much trouble, I mean I had my surgery almost 2 months ago and it seems like I was doing pretty good and all of a sudden I am back to square one again. So I have an appointment this week to get rechecked because I think I might have messed something up somehow. So wish me luck. I also get my thyroid rechecked this week too, so hopefully this medication is regulating my level so I can become a "normal" human being! Yahoo LOL.

That is all, think I'm going to snuggle up and get ready for bed, the pain pill is kickin in and making me sleepy so I'm going to take advantage of it!!

Also, tomorrow is my dad's 44th birthday, so if you know him, drop him a quick "happy birthday!" he's a great guy! and i love him:)

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